Should I Use”Lawn Repair” Seed on my Lawn Grass

Do you have some dead patches in your lawn?

Have you been tempted to purchase “lawn repair” products from your local gardening or hardware store?

I’ve bought some of them, and regretted it for years after …

Box of Hortico Lawn RepairChoosing the right product to repair the dead or struggling patches of grass in you lawn is not as easy as buying the cheapest or prettiest product on the Bunnings shelf. I had to learn this the hard way, and spent many hours on my hands and knees trying to fix my repair

A lot of those lawn repair products include a blend of four or more different types of grass seed to encourage rapid growth of the replacement grass. While this does speed up the regrowth, chances are pretty good that at least three of the four types of grasses will not match your existing lawn.

After failed attempts at using different lawn repair seed on our lawn I was stuck using species specific herbicide to kill of two of the four types of grass, and many hours trying to pull out the third type of grass. I have also over-sown the lawn with seed that matches our existing lawn grass.

Despite still having some dead patches, we are slowly making progress with greening up our front lawn…


How to Repair a Compacted Clay Soil Lawn

How to Repair a Compacted Clay Soil Lawn

Best time to do it in Adelaide is in November or in Autumn (March – May)

  • Core the Lawn
  • Mow over the soil and turf with the catcher attached to clear off the lawn surface
  • Add Gypsum or other Clay Breaker
  • Add a Wetting Agent
  • Quality Lawn Top Dress Compost / Soil
  • Quality Lawn Fertiliser
  • Grass Seed

Source: Heyne’s Garden Centre – Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Preparing Raw Pine for Staining to Stop Raised Grain

One of the drawbacks of using a water based stain on raw pine is that it can raise the grain on the wood. Raised wood grain wasn’t really a problem with oil based stains, but it is one of the only disadvantages that you will find using a water based stain.

An easy, and zero cost, option to stop the grain on the wood from raising too after staining is to apply a light coat of water to the timber prior to the final sanding.

This video shows you how to do it …

We are currently working on a timber arrow for our youngest son’s bedroom that we want to stain. The idea behind using a water based stain is that it should be lower odour and have lower VOC.

By using a very light application of water to the timber prior to the final sanding and stain should give us a much smoother, and more “professional” finish to the final project.

Staining the Timber

Photo via Russell Wisniewski

photo by:

Cost of Monkey Bars in Australia

We have almost finished the kid’s cubby house (photos and plans to come) and the next thing that we would like to do is a set of monkey bars and swing set. Our daughter has a “need” to go upside down and hang around a lot, so rather than have her do it on the couch against the wall, some monkey bars would be great.

Amazon sells a great kit of six monkey bars for about $22.00. This would be a great kit to use to build some monkey bars. Unfortunately I have yet to find a kit like that in Australia …

Monkey Bar Kit

The best I have been able to find in Australia so far is $14.00 each from Peppertown Playgrounds. A set of six from here would be $84.00, substantially more than the $22.00 it would cost from Amazon.

There are cheaper ways to make monkey bars using large diameter dowels (32mm+), or metal pipes. Neither of those options seem as easy as getting a proper set of monkey bars, but at least the dowel option might be possible. There are some interesting ideas on this site for how to do it …