IKEA Furniture Assembly Service in Adelaide

While some of us find he assembly of IKEA furniture and accessories an easy exercise, it is not easy for everyone.

mystica-Screwdriver-battery-powered-electricThere are quite a few services out there that have cropped up to help with get their flat pack furniture assembled. This can include furniture from:

  • Ikea
  • OfficeWorks
  • Super Amart
  • Freedom
  • Bunnings
  • etc.

There is such a demand for assembling IKEA furniture that they even offer it as a service directly at the checkout counters at our local IKEA store in Adelaide. The prices vary from a starting fee of $70, up to 25% of the total retail price for things like wardrobes and kitchens.

Full details of the service offered by IKEA can be found on their web-site here.

Is this a service that you would pay for, or do you find most flat packed furniture to be easy to assemble and build?