Get Your Own Toilet Seat Stickers

I don’t think this is something I would buy, but it’s good for a bit of a laugh …

Toilet Seat Inside StickersConsidering that we are trying to work on getting the kids to close the toilet lid, having humour on the inside of the toilet lid is probably not the best idea …

If you want your own toilet seat lid stickers Groupon has a deal for them right now of $9.00 for one sticker up to $24.00 for four stickers. You can check it out here …

How Should I Lock the Gate to my Yard?

If you want to safely and securely lock up your personal access gate to your back yard there are a few things that you need to consider in addition to security.

PadlockOne of the challenges that we have run into  in locking up our gate is making sure that the utility companies still have access to the meters. This includes:

  • Gas
  • Electrical
  • Water

One way to do this is to learn your billing cycle and unlock your gate during the weeks that the meter readers are set to to their reading. The challenge to this is that the meter readers are not always consistent with when they come by, and sometimes you miss them. If the meter reader is unable to do an actual reading then they do an estimate, which isn’t always accurate.

Another option is what is advised by SA Power Networks:

Customers often ask us how they can secure their meter box to avoid it being tampered with.

You can choose to install a utility lock on the electricity meter box or relevant access point (such as a gate). The best solution is to install a utility lock. Utility locks may only be purchased from a member of the Master Locksmiths Association. Once the lock is installed (we recommend you get this done by an accredited locksmith) you will need to let us know. We have a master key and will be able to undertake meter readings.

***  UPDATE  ***

The electricity meter box forms part of the home owner/occupiers private electrical equipment and as such not owned by SA Power Networks. We don’t require the meter box be locked this is entirely at the home owners discretion.

Alternatively you can install a private lock, here’s our fact sheet which provides more information about how you can secure your meter box if you wish.

We’ve had one electricity bill estimate, that was wildly inaccurate, so we are now on the hunt for a replacement lock that meets the SA Power Network requirements …

Waiting for the Ikea 2015 Catalogue

Walking around Ikea today with my youngest son made me realise that I am eagerly anticipating the newest Ikea catalogue, which is due to come out in Australia starting on the 23rd of August, 2015.

Ikea 2015 Catalog

There are some fun looking new items that you can see on the American Catalogue here. Of course, I can’t find a link to the new catalogue for us poor plebs in Australia, but the American catalogue at least gives us an idea about what to expect from our favourite home furnishing store.

Overrun by Maintenance Problems!

Broken HammerSince moving into our house here in Adelaide in December 2012 we have been overwelmed by the amount of maintenance that we have needed to do on the house. The more I look around the place and live here, the more I am convinced that the previous owners never did anything to maintain the house.

I’m not just talking about big jobs, but even small things like replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors and cleaning the filter in the range hood. I even found two dead mice in the range hood that had pretty much mummified! That really had me wondering how long it had been since they cleaned it out.

Some day I hope that we finally get on top of all the maintenance jobs on the house so that maybe we can move on to making improvements on the place and personalized it to make it our own. Right now however, after 1.5 years in the house, I feel like we are still just trying to bring the place up a level that will give us a canvas to work with.

photo credit: hanaloftus via photopin cc