Townsville House Lifting and Restumping – Northern House Raising

When we got our house lifted and restumped we talked to quite a few different house lifters and finally decided on Northern House Raising to do our house lift and restump.

Gary Roberts from Northern House Raising has been working in Townsville for quite a while now. He has worked as a general builder here in Townsville but now specializes in doing house lifting and house restumping.

Below are the contact details for Northern House Raising:

Northern House Raising – NHR PTY LTD
Director: Gary Robertson
46 Grove Crescent
Kirwin, QLD

Office Ph/Fax: (07) 4723 8646
Mobile: 0409 074 324

Gary did a fantastic job on the house lift and I have recommended him to quite a few people who have asked who we used. There is a house just one block over who got Gary Robertson to lift their house based on our recommendation, and where I work will also be using Northern House Raising to raise and restump one of the houses that they own.

You can read more about the entire house raising process in the House Raising section of this web-site.