New Comment Feature Added

I’ve gone and added a new plugin to the site called CommentLuv. It looks like a pretty cool little plugin as if you make a comment on the site it will check your blog and try to pull in the last story that you have written. It will then include a link to the story under your comment.

I haven’t seen it working yet on this site, so if you want to try it out then write a comment below, make sure that there is a check mark in the box next to “CommentLuv Enabled” and we can see how it works …

New Ad Partner – Much More Relevant Links

If you have been visiting this site recently you would have noticed that there were links from various keywords in the articles. Unfortunately I found that almost most of these links did not have anything to do with renovating, which made them pretty useless to you guys reading this site.

I have since signed up with Kontera Advertising, and after a bit of testing I am a lot more satisfied with the results that they are delivering. These links actually seem to be very relevant to home renovation and remodeling.

Sorry about the useless links during the last two weeks. From now on I am going to be testing partner products a bit better before implementing them.

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New Townsville Contractors Page

I’ve added a “Townsville Contractors” Page to the web-site.

Slowly I will be adding more information to the page about different contractors that we work with during our renovation process. Each contractor will have their own page, with specific information about our experience with them. It will probably take me a while to fill out all the information, but it will come.

For now you can check out some brief descriptions of the contractors, and find my personal rating (out of five) of our experience with them at the new Townsville Contrators page.

New Template on Renovate Australia WordPress Blog

While building a few new web-sites at work I finally got a bit tired of the old site design here at Renovate Australia.

So I changed it.

First I used Fantastico on my hosting plan to upgrade to WordPress 2.04. Then I downloaded and played around modifying the Cutline WordPress template. I added a few new WordPress plugins as well to Cutline.

And here we go…

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the new template…