Preparing Raw Pine for Staining to Stop Raised Grain

One of the drawbacks of using a water based stain on raw pine is that it can raise the grain on the wood. Raised wood grain wasn’t really a problem with oil based stains, but it is one of the only disadvantages that you will find using a water based stain.

An easy, and zero cost, option to stop the grain on the wood from raising too after staining is to apply a light coat of water to the timber prior to the final sanding.

This video shows you how to do it …

We are currently working on a timber arrow for our youngest son’s bedroom that we want to stain. The idea behind using a water based stain is that it should be lower odour and have lower VOC.

By using a very light application of water to the timber prior to the final sanding and stain should give us a much smoother, and more “professional” finish to the final project.

Staining the Timber

Photo via Russell Wisniewski

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Bedrooms are FINALLY Painted

I have finally finished painting the bedrooms. I am very frustrated at myself for taking as long as I have, but at least I am finally done painting the bedrooms.

Originally we were going to paint everything in the colour “white shadow”, which you can see on the walls above. That would have included the door frames and the window frames, basically all the trim painted in the same colour as the walls.

Bedroom Painted White Shadow with Gloss White Trim

After we put the colour on the walls, with the white base coat on the trim, we decided to paint an acrylic gloss white for all the trim and the doors, with white shadow on the walls. We are quite happy with the results in the bedrooms.

Closet Door Painted in White Shadow with Gloss White Trim We did all the main bedroom doors in the same gloss white as the frames above. With the closet doors to the two built in robes we painted the trim the gloss white, but then painted the doors a semi-gloss white shadow (as on the left). I reckon that it looks pretty good as well, and should look great over the carpet once that is installed and the hardware is then put on the doors.

I’m still working on painting the hallway. We are going with the same style as the bedrooms, with the white trim and “white shadow” walls. Unfortunately I had some trouble with my final coat of paint on the cornices on the ceiling. The paint must of been off because my “flat” white ceiling paint when on glossy in places. I tried to cover it with some new flat white ceiling paint, but the gloss continued to shine through.

I have now had to reseal the cornice and have just tonight finished my second coat of Taubmans One Coat Ceiling paint. I am not sure if it has worked yet though, as the tint of white seems darker than the rest of the ceiling paint. I really hope that it’s because it’s wet, otherwise I have no idea what I am going to do about it. There is already 8 – coats on paint on the cornice now

My Friend Ryan Annoys Me

I had my friend Ryan Booker over this weekend to help me with some of the painting under the house. I was extremely grateful for Ryan’s help this weekend, but like I said, my friend Ryan really annoys me.

I’ve known Ryan for about 9-years now and he is a pretty good friend. He is leading our current YWAM DTS at Reef to Outback and is newly married. But sometimes I get really frustrated being around him.

This weekend when he came over to help was one of these times that I got annoyed. You see, Ryan is a sign writer by trade and is very good at painting. So what really annoyed me this weekend was that in the time it took me to almost complete a coat of paint on the trim of one bedroom, Ryan completed three coats of paint on another virtually identical bedroom.

So I’m guess I am not actually annoyed at Ryan. I am actually more annoyed at myself…

Painting Progress Update

About six weeks ago I took a week off to paint, thinking that I would be able to finish most of it that week. Well, I didn’t even finish the undercoat that first week, it took me three weeks to do the prep and undercoat!

Well, I’ve continued to paint in the evenings and weekends and here is a floor plan update of how far I’ve gotten with the painting

Painting_Progress_Map As you can see, nothing is finished yet, but we are making progress. I just had a few friends over this morning, which was a huge help. Hopefully I can pull some more help together in the coming weeks and eventually get it done.

The room that has nothing done is the garage, and it isn’t a high priority. I don’t think that my parent’s garage ever got painted, despite living there for over 20-years now.

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