Find a House for Removal in Australia with Drake Homes

If you are looking for a house for removal in Australia there are a few places you can go. I remember in Townsville there was actually a lot where they had a number of old houses for sale, but it was quite hit and miss with what was available, and there was never really all that great of a selection.

You can always try looking on ebay, but the selection there is pretty pathetic at the moment with only five houses currently listed.

The best place that I have found where you can find a house for removal in Australia is the private selling listings over at Drake Homes. There are over 50 homes currently listed for sale on the site from all over Australia. They also have a specific page for houses for sale by Drake Homes in SE QLD and NE NSW.

In addition to the listings of removal houses for sale Drake Homes also offers the following services:

  • Sell your house for removal
  • Buy a house for removal
  • Get an assessment of your house
  • Move your house to another location

There is also come great resources on their information page that will help you with your decision about purchasing, selling or moving a removal house.

If you are looking for more information you can also check out their House Removal and Recycling Blog. There are some great articles there including this one about Removing, Recycling and Renovating a house.

House Available for Removal in Sydney

I got this e-mail from someone in Sydney …

Allan Zhong wrote:

I have a fibrate house in Sydney that we want moved away. I’m wondering, do you want it?

I am guessing that they meant a “fibro” house for removal in Sydney.

I have no need or want for the house, but I thought that I would put it out there in case there is someone else out there who might want it. If you do then just put a comment below and I can put you in touch with Allan so that you can discuss the removal of the house.

We Are (Finally) Moved Downstairs!

After a lot of time, painting and hard work we are finally moved downstairs!

The final stage for this you would have though would have been finishing the internal staircase, but we still had a lot of painting and preparation to do before we could finally move down into the four new bedrooms, including painting the new staircase.

The kids are now moved into their bedrooms and we are moved into our master "retreat", as Tamara calls it. The new master bedroom feels huge, and it is so nice to finally have a wardrobe / closet, as well as the ensuite.

I’ll post some photos soon of the kids bedrooms, our master bedroom and the ensuite…

Our Finished Open Tread Staircase

Our Open Staircase with Metal Frame and Timber TreadsI had a comment from a friend that in the last photo that I took of the staircase you couldn’t actually tell that it was an open tread design for the stairs. They were a bit surprised about what it looked like when they saw it in person.

So here is a photo I just took of the staircase from below. You can much more easily see how the open tread design looks.

The area under the stairs will make for some great storage, but because of the open treads we will have to make sure to keep them nice and tidy.

One thing about the rich colour of the stairs is that they make for some great photo opportunities with the kids …

Kids on the Stairs