Waiting for the Ikea 2015 Catalogue

Walking around Ikea today with my youngest son made me realise that I am eagerly anticipating the newest Ikea catalogue, which is due to come out in Australia starting on the 23rd of August, 2015.

Ikea 2015 Catalog

There are some fun looking new items that you can see on the American Catalogue here. Of course, I can’t find a link to the new catalogue for us poor plebs in Australia, but the American catalogue at least gives us an idea about what to expect from our favourite home furnishing store.

History of our House in Townsville, Australia

1870 - 1930 Colonial Federation and Interwar Pyramid HouseThe house was first built as a miner’s cottage around 1870 in Charters Towers during the gold rush. It was a simple 4-room colonial style miner’s pyramid roof style house.

House Being Moved by HorsesAround the early 20th century (1915 – 1930) the house was moved, most likely by a team of horses, from Charters Towers to Townsville when the gold mines shut down.

1870s Miners Cottage in TownsvilleWe purchased the house in 2005 in Townsville, performed some major renovation and upgrades to the house, and then sold it in 2009 prior to moving to Canada.

My son Caleb is currently learning about the Gold Rushes that have happened in Australian history. It is quite fascinating how much Australia has been influenced through it’s various gold rushes. During one decade after the first gold rush the Australian population doubled as fortune seekers came to Australia to try to get rich!

I thought that the history of our home, and many others like it during that era of Australian history, also made an interesting footnote for my son to learn about …


Help Prospective Mothers in Papua New Guinea

The Mommyhood Memos Bloggers for Birth KitsSometimes it’s amazing how much you can help, through something so little…

In rural Papua New Guinea one in seven women die in childbirth! Yep, that’s right, 1 in 7 women die in childbirth! That’s a shocking statistic to say the least. To give birth to a child a mother has a 15% chance of dying, can you imagine?

A friend of mine, Adriel Booker, in Australia works with YWAM Ships, a ministry that is currently working on delivering medical help into Papua New Guinea. She is a Mom, blogger and fellow YWAMer who has a strong passion for helping other mothers in need. To help expectant mothers in Papua New Guinea she has started a program called Bloggers for Birth Kits to help reduce maternal mortality in rural Papua New Guinea.

The way to help is so simple that anyone can do it…

For as little as a $2.00 donation you can purchase a Birth Kit. The Birth Kit is very simple, but according to the Birthing Kit Foundation can greatly help to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality and morbidity. The kit includes:

  • 1 plastic sheet to provide a clean birthing surface
  • 1 bar of soap for clean hands during the birthing process and to clean the umbilical stump
  • 1 pair of plastic gloves for clean hands
  • 1 sterile scalpel blade to cut the umbilical cord
  • 3 cords / pieces of strong string to tie the umbilical chord
  • 5 gauze squares to clean the baby and mother

The kit is simple, yet effective. Adriel made up her own (which you can watch on the video at the bottom of this post), but I think the most effective way for us to help is to donate.

If you do want to help with this great project, and for only $2.00 who wouldn’t want to help, you can read more about it at Bloggers for Birth Kits.

This post was originally posted on my personal blog at Help Prospective Mothers in Papua New Guinea – Bill Hutchison