Should I Use”Lawn Repair” Seed on my Lawn Grass

Do you have some dead patches in your lawn?

Have you been tempted to purchase “lawn repair” products from your local gardening or hardware store?

I’ve bought some of them, and regretted it for years after …

Box of Hortico Lawn RepairChoosing the right product to repair the dead or struggling patches of grass in you lawn is not as easy as buying the cheapest or prettiest product on the Bunnings shelf. I had to learn this the hard way, and spent many hours on my hands and knees trying to fix my repair

A lot of those lawn repair products include a blend of four or more different types of grass seed to encourage rapid growth of the replacement grass. While this does speed up the regrowth, chances are pretty good that at least three of the four types of grasses will not match your existing lawn.

After failed attempts at using different lawn repair seed on our lawn I was stuck using species specific herbicide to kill of two of the four types of grass, and many hours trying to pull out the third type of grass. I have also over-sown the lawn with seed that matches our existing lawn grass.

Despite still having some dead patches, we are slowly making progress with greening up our front lawn…


How to Repair a Compacted Clay Soil Lawn

How to Repair a Compacted Clay Soil Lawn

Best time to do it in Adelaide is in November or in Autumn (March – May)

  • Core the Lawn
  • Mow over the soil and turf with the catcher attached to clear off the lawn surface
  • Add Gypsum or other Clay Breaker
  • Add a Wetting Agent
  • Quality Lawn Top Dress Compost / Soil
  • Quality Lawn Fertiliser
  • Grass Seed

Source: Heyne’s Garden Centre – Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Help! How Do I Childproof my Concrete Retaining Wall?

Welcome Elijah Bruce HutchisonWe had a rather eventful weekend, some joyous news and an unfortunate accident. I’ll be writing the exciting news soon, the photo on the left is a bit of a teaser…

The accident involved my son head butting the concrete retaining wall in our backyard. This is the second time he’s done it, but this time was far worse than the last and involved a trip in an ambulance to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The first time he did it he was playing tug-of-war with his sister and hit the back of his head, this time he fell off the play equipment and hit the front of his head on the concrete retaining wall.

We had thought of moving the play equipment, but given that the first accident had nothing to do with the swing set moving the structure would only be a partial fix. To be honest I’m still not sure how he fell all the way off the equipment to the concrete retaining wall since when we put in the equipment we put it what we thought would be a safe distance away.

Removing the concrete retaining wall isn’t an option as our yard is over 1 metre higher than our neighbours backyard.

So I’m requesting some advice from anyone reading this post. How would you recommend we child proof our concrete retaining wall?

How to Install a Shade Cloth Sail Cover for a Patio

Coolaroo Shade Cloth Sail attached to our House and Timber PostsThe Shade Cloth cover we picked up for at Bunnings for only $40! It is a 4 metre x 4 metre Coolaroo Shade Cloth Sail that comes with a 15-year warranty and offers 90% UV protection. It was discounted because it’s a non-standard colour, even though it matches our paint colour scheme almost perfectly.

First I sunk 150mm diameter posts 60cm into the ground and then filled it with cement for the outer posts. At the base of the posts I made sure that the concrete sloped down, so the water would run away and not pool against the posts. I then put I-bolts through the posts for my anchor points.

Coolaroo Shade Cloth Sail over our Outdoor Entertainment AreaAgainst the side of the house I found where the timber studs were and simply screwed the stainless steel eye plates through the siding and into the studs.

The shade cloth sail has stainless steal rings at the four corners, so once my anchor points were down I used turnbuckles to attache the shade cloth sail to the anchor points.

Shade Cloth Sail Anchor Points Turnbuckle and ibolt After attaching the shade cloth sail to the four anchor points I used the turnbuckles to tension everything so that it ended up with a nice even tension over the surface of the shade cloth sail.

All up the cover only cost about $240 including the posts, concrete, shade cloth and all the brackets.

Note: One of my posts ended up farther away than I had planned, so I used some chain link to extend the turnbuckle to the anchor point on the post.