Five Layers of Linoleum Hiding a Gorgeous Hardwood Floor

Some friends here in Townsville are moving flats in the next few weeks. Right now they are actually living in the same group of flats that Tamara and I lived in when we first got married, but now our friends are moving into a new group of flats a bit closer to work.

They have been able to get into their new flat to do some work on it before they move in. One of the things they wanted to work on was the floor. Below is a picture of the floor when they first got there…

Top layer of lino over the hardwood flooring

Isn’t that lino beautiful? Below that top layer of lino there were four more layers (you can check it on their article, which I’ll link to at the bottom of this article).

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Bathroom Walls Sheeted and Floor Waterproofed

Bathroom Wall SheetedThe bathroom walls are all sheeted and the bathroom floor is waterproofed. The have also waterproofed the wall around the bath tub and the sheeted frame around the tub that is holding it up.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Tomorrow they should start to tile the bathroom and we hope that we will be able to start painting mid-week and move back into our house by the end of the weekend.

Office Ceiling SheetedThey have also replaced the sheeting on the office ceiling as they had to pull down that ceiling sheeting to secure the roof to the walls.

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New Bathroom Floor Installed

Bathroom Villaboard Installed over New Floor JoistsThey have finished installing the new bathroom floor in our upstairs bathroom. After ripping out the old bathroom floor, it was good to see how quickly they got the new one installed.

The obviously started by putting down the new floor joists. They attached them to the bearer on the internal side of the bathroom, and then welded brackets onto the steel beam on the outside of the room and attached the joists to that.

It looked a heck of a lot more secure than the original bathroom floor did.

New Bathroom FloorAfter putting down the new floor joists they then put on 16mm villaboard. Villaboard is a material that is generally recommended for use in wet areas, as it is extremely resistant to moisture, and is very hard wearing.

They will be waterproofing the entire bathroom with a water proof membrane, hopefully before the weekend comes so that they can start tiling on Monday.

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Demolishing our Bathroom Floor

I think that I will let the photos do most of the talking here, as I am extremely tired and Tamara’s dad is about to go to bed (we are staying with them while we don’t have a bathroom at our house).

Using a Jackhammer on the Bathroom Floor Second Floor Concrete Bathroom Floor Pieces in the Ground Floor A large hole where our bathroom floor used to be

Unfortunately for us they decided to do the bathroom floor demolision a day earlier than expected, so we didn’t get a chance to clean up and pack up like we had wanted to. Our house is now discustingly dirty. Concrete dust has gotten into every nook and cranny in the house and our furniture is caked in it.

We had planned to seal off the work area with plastic sheeting, but we never got a chance to. When we got there this afternoon to cover stuff with sheets it was too late.

I don’t know how long it will take to clean it up, but we are probably talking days, rather than hours.

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