What Home Improvements Add Value to your Home?

Do-Home-Improvement-Add-Value-to-Your-HomeWhen looking at improving your home and investing in renovations, it is always good to keep in mind what your ROI will be. This is especially important if you are considering selling your home in the near future.

Some of the more popular home improvements that you may consider are:

  • Remodelling your kitchen
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Adding a Deck
  • Renovating the Attic or Basement

You may also want to consider some “green” renovation options, which may include:

  • Upgrading to more energy efficient windows
  • Improving or adding insulation
  • Adding solar panels

There are some other remodelling options that, while they may be desirable to you, do not actually carry very good ROI:

  • Adding a pool
  • Luxury home office
  • Highend gourmet kitchen
  • Adding a sunroom
  • Delux / luxury bathroom upgrade

Of all of the options that you have for home improvements, the ones that, if done wisely, have the highest Return on Invesment are a kitchen remodel and a bathroom addition. The kitchen remodel has a potential ROI of 60% – 120%, and a bathroom addition can bring an expected ROI of between 80% – 130%.

While considering selling your home you also mustn’t neglect your basic updates which include cleaning, repairing, and painting. These basic projects are important in making your home more attractive and appealing for potential buyers.

You can find out more details about these options by clicking on the infographic in this post…

Source: Half Price.com.au

We Bought A House!

After being absent from the Australian Real Estate market for almost four years we are once again proud owners of a new house here in Adelaide!

Front of Our New House

The house is a four bedroom, two bathroom house that was built in 2003, which definitely makes it the newest house we have ever owned.

We went to the first open house they had last weekend and put an offer in that night. There were a total of four offers on the house from that first open and even though we were not the highest offer, ours was still accepted! Praise God is all that we can say for that as we can not explain it any other way.

Below are some photos from the house that were taken for the open house…

Adelaide is a Sellers Market

When we were looking at moving and when we first arrived here we were told by a few people that “Adelaide is a buyers market!“. I beg to differ, from what we have experienced so far I would say that “Adelaide is a sellers market!“.

Adelaide is a Sellers Market

A few weekends ago we put an offer in on a house that had only been on the market for about three weeks. That weekend they had two other offers on the house, which allowed the seller to choose the highest offer, with the best terms.

We missed out on this house.

Regardless of what agents will tell you, or the media will try to tell you, I’m saying that Adelaide is a sellers market! Anytime that a seller can choose between three different offers brought in off the same open house I would say that it’s the seller that has the upper hand, not the buyer …

What’s That Smell?

We had a look at a house a few weekends ago that from the photos on the real estate site didn’t look too bad. The backyard actually looked like it had quite a nice outdoor living area …

Unfortunately though the first thing to hit you when you stepped outside in the yard wasn’t the nice outback veranda, but rather we were overwhelmed by the stench of dog poo!

I don’t think that these people ever picked up after their dog or dogs for all the years they lived there. It was certainly the overwhelming memory that we took from the house when we left that day, and didn’t really encourage us to want to go back and have another look…

So a bit of advice if you are selling your house, clean up the crap!