Bill Hutchison - Main Blogger on Renovate AustraliaMy name is Bill Hutchison and I am the main blogger on Renovate Australia. I am originally from Canada I came over to Australia in June 1998 and have been here on and off ever since. I got married to an amazing woman on May 5 2001 and she is from Adelaide, South Australia. We have a son and s daughter who were both born here in Townsville, Australia.

I am a full time volunteer with a Christian youth organization called Reef to Outback – Youth With A Mission. You can read more about what my family does there on our Reef to Outback Staff Page. At Reef to Outback I head up the Information Technology, Web and Video Conferencing Ministy Areas.

In 2003 my wife and I stepped out in faith and purchased our first house a few suburbs away from where we work. We spent the next two and a half years renovating our house and we were then approached about selling it! We had already invested a lot into the house, but after considering it for a while we sold the house and have since purchased another one a bit closer to work.

The new house that we purchased needs a lot of work, like most of the ones in the area, so I’ll be writing about our renovations on this blog. We will be doing some pretty substantial renovations this time around, more so than on our first house, so we have some more new things to learn this time around.