Preparing Raw Pine for Staining to Stop Raised Grain

One of the drawbacks of using a water based stain on raw pine is that it can raise the grain on the wood. Raised wood grain wasn’t really a problem with oil based stains, but it is one of the only disadvantages that you will find using a water based stain.

An easy, and zero cost, option to stop the grain on the wood from raising too after staining is to apply a light coat of water to the timber prior to the final sanding.

This video shows you how to do it …

We are currently working on a timber arrow for our youngest son’s bedroom that we want to stain. The idea behind using a water based stain is that it should be lower odour and have lower VOC.

By using a very light application of water to the timber prior to the final sanding and stain should give us a much smoother, and more “professional” finish to the final project.

Staining the Timber

Photo via Russell Wisniewski

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4 Replies to “Preparing Raw Pine for Staining to Stop Raised Grain”

  1. michaelmaloney1

    Aren’t most wood products already treated before its sold to us? I’m not sure, but when they put all the sections into self storage, I would think that they have to be relatively well “cured” to an extent? Of course we probably need to treat it one more time when we’re finished making whatever it is too….

  2. James Kast

    That’s a clever idea, but Michael was right: Aren’t most wood products already treated before they are made available to the public? I’m building a <a href=” ”>cubby house</a> and I’m a bit concerned of the materials (particularly because they will be left outdoors)… I’m still trying to become a DYI type.

  3. ericbosloor

    I wonder if it will make any difference to my wood in storage in Sydney. I’ve left some planks in my storage unit for quite a while and they’ll have to be checked before I even think about treating them for sanding!

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