How Tall Can A Flagpole Be in Adelaide, South Australia

Canada Flag

With Canada Day just around the corner I was wondering about putting up a flag on the house to celebrate. There are a few flag poles around the community, including one at the Fijian Consulate, which is a house in our neighbourhood.

Republic of Fiji Consulate in Adelaide South Australia

Given the local council’s tendency to regulate as much as they can here I was curious about what the restrictions that they have to having a residential flagpole at your house.

Best I can tell from a few local council web-sites as far as limitations for a residential flag pole are as follows:

  • Standalone flagpole must not exceed 10-metres in height
  • Flagpoles attached to a building you are limited to 4-metres above the top most point of the building it’s attached to
  • Heights that exceed these require development approval

To be honest those limitations are not as bad as I thought they would be, I expected a shorter height to be required.

These are just guidelines that I have found, if you are planning to put up your own flag pole I would recommend contacting your local council to find out what their own regulations are.

Image source: CANADA FLAG 3 x 5 foot

2 Replies to “How Tall Can A Flagpole Be in Adelaide, South Australia”

  1. melbrandle

    That’s a really lovely idea to express patriotism I think. I’m sure there are other options other than erecting a flagpole. For the other days around the year, you might as well have the pole put in storage unless you’ve got other causes to fly flags for. What about just displaying a big flag over the main entrance or hooking it on the garage door?

  2. ThomasMaloney

    I agree with @melbrandle here. I have a flag somewhere folded up in attic storage but for the life of me, I can’t find any particular use for it except on patriotic holidays! And even then, it’s a struggle to find somewhere to put it up. I think these guys who are making the effort to show how much they love their country should be commended!

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