Space Saving Fold-Out Convertible Desk by Dealfind

Space Saving Fold-Out Convertible Desk

I love this idea if you are limited in available space, but still need a small workstation in your house or apartment. Ikea used to have something similar to this, but even though it seemed to be quite popular, Ikea no longer sells it.

You can pick this up right now in Canada through DealFind for $150.00. If I was still living in Canada it is something I would have considered as a workstation for the kids.


If you want a DIY version of a similar desk then Ana White has some great plans for a flip down wall desk that you can use. She makes it look easy, but I realise that with most of these projects what’s easy for someone else to do, might not be easy for me to do …


Just found this desk available in Australia for $251 over at I do like it, but not that much!

White Fold-Out Murphey Convertible Desk

3 Replies to “Space Saving Fold-Out Convertible Desk by Dealfind”

  1. melbrandle

    I think the fold-out or pull-out concept is ingenious. I had a pull-out bed once and it really helped me to save a lot of space in the bedroom. Even though an extra amount of effort and time is needed every night when it is time to sleep, I still think it is all worth it. My room looks less messy and I have all the floor space I need for storage during the day. When night comes, I just clear the things away, and be prepared to have a good rest.

  2. MarkSindone

    That’s a beautiful idea! It’s so hard to find space nowadays when the price of hosues are going up so anything modular and foldable like this that can double up as storage space would definitely be very welcome by people who are moving homes! Hope that you continue to share more space-saving solutions mate!

  3. NathanDavidson

    Dwellings are getting smaller by the day especially for apartments. Hence, in an area with a tight space constraint, space-saving innovations such as this are highly welcomed by homeowners. By day, it is just a decorative on the wall, but by night or when no guests is around, it conveniently becomes a desk for work or storage purposes without the need for strenuous effort.

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