3-Steps to Prevent DIY Injuries

Injuries suffered during DIY renovations and repairs is becoming increasingly common, especially in connection with sedentary life styles. There are a few things that we can do however to lower the chance of injury.

After spending a week on crutches after I pulled my iliopsoas / hip flexor I started thinking about how common DIY injuries are and what I could do to prevent them in the future …

In hospital with a Pulled Iliopsoas inner hip flexor

Below are three simple things that you can do to help prevent injuries during DIY projects:

  1. Stretch before starting your work
  2. Get help when needed
  3. Don’t work beyond your ability

Links from the podcast:

The Finished Workbench

How to stretch the Iliopsoas

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  1. michaelmaloney1

    I find it hard to pair sedentary with renovations, but yes, injuries can still happen in the worst of circumstances. Keep a ‘self injury’ first aid storage kit at all times. Those mini bottles from planes will fit in well too.

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