We Bought A House!

After being absent from the Australian Real Estate market for almost four years we are once again proud owners of a new house here in Adelaide!

Front of Our New House

The house is a four bedroom, two bathroom house that was built in 2003, which definitely makes it the newest house we have ever owned.

We went to the first open house they had last weekend and put an offer in that night. There were a total of four offers on the house from that first open and even though we were not the highest offer, ours was still accepted! Praise God is all that we can say for that as we can not explain it any other way.

Below are some photos from the house that were taken for the open house…

14 Replies to “We Bought A House!”

  1. Shannon

    Very nice!! Pool table too? For a minute I thought the carpet was dirty, then I realized it was my computer screen…..
    This looks just perfect for you all!

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Oh come on Shannon, Dad asked me the exact same question about the pool table … And no Dave, it is not furnished, just nicely staged for sale.

    Actually some of the carpet is quite dirty unfortunately. We are hoping that a steam clean will fix it up but given that they had an indoor dog and my allergies played up A LOT when we were in the house we may have to actually replace all the carpet so I can breath. We’ll see …

  3. Suzie

    Oh my gosh I just love it! It’s beautifully open plan, and I love the entertainment area – I can see many happy family times being held out there.

    I knew you wouldn’t be looking for long! 🙂

  4. Lesley

    Congrats! Love the outdoor eating area!!! Great that all of the kids have their own room! When do you get possession? Will you be in for Christmas?!

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  6. Jon Davis Jr.

    Looks like a nice house!


    Maybe I’ll get to see it someday if they discover us down there in the Southern Hemisphere and somebody invites us to come down and teach.


  7. melbrandle

    The photos taken for the open house are really wonderful! It’s great that you managed to get the house that you were looking for too. I love how everything is clean and white and even the storage cabinets are neat and well hidden away along the walls. Wishing you all the best for your move into the place!

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