Adelaide is a Sellers Market

When we were looking at moving and when we first arrived here we were told by a few people that “Adelaide is a buyers market!“. I beg to differ, from what we have experienced so far I would say that “Adelaide is a sellers market!“.

Adelaide is a Sellers Market

A few weekends ago we put an offer in on a house that had only been on the market for about three weeks. That weekend they had two other offers on the house, which allowed the seller to choose the highest offer, with the best terms.

We missed out on this house.

Regardless of what agents will tell you, or the media will try to tell you, I’m saying that Adelaide is a sellers market! Anytime that a seller can choose between three different offers brought in off the same open house I would say that it’s the seller that has the upper hand, not the buyer …

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  1. Angel - Hammer and heels

    I friend of mine sold his place in Adelaide a few months ago at the first open home for the full price. I hope Canberra follows suit.

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    I have heard of people here in Adelaide paying over the top asking price for a house because there has been so much interest in it. This house that we put the offer in on sold for the top asking price …

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