Roof Valley has Been Repaired

Roof Valley RepairAfter contacting nearly a dozen different roofing contractors here in Calgary we finally found one who was willing to repair the roof valley for us. We heard quite a few different things from the other companies we contacted including:

  • The valley doesn’t need repair, it has another 5-years or so left in it.
  • We can’t repair the valley, but we will gladly replace your whole roof for you.
  • I could throw some tar on it, but that would only last a year or two.
  • We can’t come out to do a quote for at least 6-weeks, would that work for you?

To complicate matters even further, the type of asphalt single used on our house, T-Lock shingles, was discontinued about 5-years ago, so there is no way to match the current tile with a new tile.

In the end the company that we got to repair the valley was Sunik Roofing. In repairing the roof valley they did the following:

  1. Remove T-Lock shingles in valley of the garage and walkway.
  2. Install ice and snow guard to valley, install metal valley flashing leaving a channel for water to flow down the centre.
  3. Install 2-ply roll roof to each side of the valley, then tie in T-Lock shingles with a starter and seal to roof with tar (poly bitumen).
  4. Clean and haul away all debris from repair.

They were at our house within a week of us booking Sunik in to do the repair and the repair was done in about 3-hours. From what I can tell as a layman they did a great job on repairing the roof valley and it should do well to last until the whole roof needs to eventually be re-shingled.

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  1. lawrencecrushing

    Glad you got it fixed. Even though there weren’t any tile options at the time to match your specific needs in your local market, there are a few manufacturers that actually make tile lines that are retrofitted. According to this, those retrofitted tiles are color and type matched as best as possible. Since the original line is discontinued, these are typically authorized replacements. They are bit harder to find, but 5 year old tiles are easy to find and match.

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