Barbecuing in Canada in the Winter

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but Tamara and I were laughing tonight at a post we saw on Facebook from a friend in Australia commenting on how “cold” it was to barbecue in the “Australian Winter”…

I remember our Australian winters, they consisted mostly of winter days that were about as warm as a cool Calgary summer day.

It is certainly a big change cooking on the BBQ in the winter here in Canada. Usually it consisted of something like this …

Cooking on the BBQ in Canada in the Winter

A bit different than barbecuing in the winter in Australia, that’s for sure …

2 Replies to “Barbecuing in Canada in the Winter”

  1. Tamara Hutchison

    That photo doesn’t truly represent barbecuing in Canada in winter! The sun is out and there is ground peeking through the snow. Global warming must have shown itself that day.

    You should have clarified that this photo was taken when it was about -5C instead of the typical -22C or with windchill – 43C as has been recorded here. I have seen you barbecuing here where you have had to first shovel to even get out the back door to reach the BBQ! This photo looks more like spring in Calgary!

    But I do appreciate how you risk your life in such weather conditions that Canada throws at us, all for the sake of a yummy BBQ meal. You are a provider honey! 🙂

  2. Angel

    Oh my, I wouldn’t be BBQing during winter if I lived where you are :). In fact I don’t think I’d ever venture outside.

    I’m one of those who live in Austraila (Canberra mind you) who complain how cold it is. But I still prefer winter over 40C summer days.

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