Plans to Build a Mudroom Bench

 The door to our attached garage goes directly into our laundry room. It’s a decent size room so we are looking at making better use of the room by also using it as a family mudroom.

We already have a decent size shoe rack in the laundry room since it is our most used entrance to the house (post to follow), so now we are looking at adding a mudroom bench and hooks. Since there are five of us we will be building in five different sections and cubby holes in the bench.

The plan is to build the mudroom bench against the wall and then add the wainscotting look to the wall above it. At the moment we are still unsure about what we want to do above the hooks. We have a few options that include putting a narrow shelf above the hooks, leaving it flush like in the drawing, or putting a larger shelf that will be big enough to take more baskets.

The maximum length of the bench will be about eight feet as that is how far I have between the corner of the wall and the door to our under stair storage. We also don’t want it to stick out too much as if it’s too deep it will block the walkway.

Given how slow I’ve been on other projects lately I’m not sure when we will get to this project, but it’s in the planning stages…

2 Replies to “Plans to Build a Mudroom Bench”

  1. maggie

    I can’t wait til you finish this! We desperately need something like this by our front and back doors. We have no mudroom, so it’s extra important to have dedicated space for stuff like this.

  2. Nicole

    Hey, great blog. Thought you may want to join our Facebook group, which is called cairns and north Queensland renovating. A good networking opportunity perhaps? Look us up 🙂

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