Blueway Air Conditioner Error Codes

Blueway Air Conditioner

On one of my previous posts about our Blueway Air Conditioner I have had quite a few people ask me about the error codes that people come across with the unit. Although we never had a problem with our Blueway air conditioner quite a few other people seem to have experienced problems.

Here is the list of the error codes:

  • E2 – Indoor temperature sensor failure
  • E3 – Indoor pipe temperature sensor failure
  • E4 – Outdoor unit abnormality failure
  • E5 – Indoor fan motor failure
  • df – Unit Defrosting

I hope that helps the people who are needing them…

6 Replies to “Blueway Air Conditioner Error Codes”

  1. Stu Wright

    Bill, Thanks for the great info.
    It just saved me a lot of bother.
    Our unit went into fault and I had no idea what the code meant till I stumbled upon your advice. I have no idea what model this unit of ours is, it was here when we bought, and there are no books,nor are there any easily visible numbers.
    Thanks again.

  2. jo

    i have a error code e3 were can u you get parts and blueway repaired in nsw ive been told u cant get parts

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