Calgary Black Garbage Bin Arrives

As I wrote in my previous article, Black Cart Garbage Collecting Starting Soon in Calgary, Calgary is finally moving to a more effective method of garbage collecting with the introduction of the black cart garbage collecting.

I’m wondering if this is going to change the behaviour of Calgarians when it comes to putting out their garbage? Although back in Australia we were not allowed any extra garbage beyond the cart, here in Calgary you can still have extra bags alongside your bin.

So, have you received your bin yet? Do you think it will change your garbage habits?

2 Replies to “Calgary Black Garbage Bin Arrives”

  1. Bob Urbanowski

    Here in the UK (if there’s any interest!) we have different boxes for different materials to be collected and recycled, but there seems to be a limit as to how many regular bags of trash they will take…

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    I think that my favourite set-up was actually in Adelaide, Australia. There they have three bins for the different material:

    • Green Bin – Regular Rubbish
    • Yellow Bin – Recycling (glass, plastic, paper, etc.)
    • Black Bin – Garden / Waste for Compost

    That seems to cover all the bases pretty well I reckon.

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