Final Basement Renovation Design

After much deliberation we did eventually decide on a design for our basement renovation. It’s the easiest design option in as much as we don’t have to change any of the existing walls and all we have to do is add three walls and box in the ceiling. It should also meet all of what we feel we want out of the basement renovation.


The three walls are the short stubby wall just inside the door, the wall with the door leading into the storage / furnace room and then the short 45 degree wall at the end. The 45 degree wall leaves us with a near perfect nook to put a wardrobe or cabinet for storage.

Where we plan to put shelves, photos and bookcases we’ll be putting blocking behind the dry wall. That’ll save having to use those annoying drywall plugs that never seem to be as secure as I would like.

We will also be adding as much soundproofing as possible to the walls and ceiling of the room as the sound environment in the room is very important for the recording of the YWAM Podcast, and other future recording projects. I’ll write more about that later, but we think we’ve come up with a pretty good solution.

Create a Fold Up Workbench for your Garage

I was browsing around Ikea Hackers looking for ideas for a narrow desk for our kids and came across this great idea for a fold up workbench for the garage…

Photo1The design is built off of the Ikea BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart, which sells for $59.99 from Ikea in Canada. I figure that if I can find off-cuts like I did when I built my Garage Workbench then the rest of the needed parts would probably only cost around $20.

Although I’m not needing a fold up workbench at the moment, it’s something that I might make use out of in the future, if time ever allows me to work on all those projects that are still only ideas…

You can see the full article, including more photos, over at the Ikea Hacker article.