Make a Cheap and Easy Window Cleaner

Lately I needed to clean the outside of all the windows on our house. I headed down to our local Home Depot to find out what they recommended and I was pointed to a very large bottle of Windex. Considering that I was needing to apply the liquid to a squeegee the end of a very long poll, this didn’t seem like a very economical solution, which got me looking for alternatives.

The alternative that I found to Windex was very simple.

  • 2-caps full of dish washing liquid
  • 1-cap full of Vinegar
  • Bucket of warm water

This solution worked great for us in cleaning our windows, although I do wish that I had a better squeegee to stop those annoying streaks on the second floor windows …

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  1. Jenny

    Love the window cleaner idea – also bought some cleaning cloths from Norwex which work magic – some of them you don’t even need cleaners – only water. Thank you!

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Thanks for the comment Jenny.

    We have some of the Norwex Cloths for our cleaning as well. We haven’t had them all that long, but the window one has started to leave fluff on the windows and mirrors when we use it unfortunately. With needing to be on a ladder and use an extension pole to reach the windows I don’t think that the Norwex cloths would help me too much with getting at them.

  3. Jenny

    Sorry to hear that Bill – I bought them a while ago and have had no problems – maybe say something to the dealer. All the best with the reno anyway – we are also renovating a unit on the Sunshine Coast at Coolum. We have always built new so this is an exciting challenge. Hopefully it will be anyway!!!??

  4. Window Cleaning Melbourne

    That formula is pretty similar to what I use when cleaning windows, except without the vinegar. Regular dishwashing liquid works really well and doesn’t leave any white marks. The only problem is that it can create a lot of bubbles.

    Huck towels are also great clothes once they’ve been washed a few times. They are lint free and hold plenty of water.

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