Mixed Messages from the Gas Company

I’m so confused …

So we have been trying to work out some different options to prepare our house for child number 3. We have a three bedroom plus office house (I work from home and need the office) and are trying to work out how to best set it up for three kids. There is a large storage / furnace room in the basement that could be separated into two separate rooms, but we are sure how to best use those rooms.

The biggest problem is that of the two external sides of that room one is under a deck and the other is where the gas line comes into the house.

I called the local gas company, ATCO, a few weeks ago and was told that we need 39” between the gas meter and a window, but that we could put a window under the gas line once it came into the house. This week I called again to check it and was told that a window needed to be 36” away from the gas meter and that it could not be under the gas line!

So two different stories from the same office about putting a window near where the gas comes into the house:

  1. 39” away from the meter but the gas line can go over a window
  2. 36” away from the meter but the gas line can not go over a window

So which do I believe? Based on the first option I thought I had actually come up with a solution to make the storage / furnace room into a new bedroom, but that’s not possible if the second option is true!

Proposed New Window Location Depending on Gas Line Regulation

In the idea above the place I thought we could in a window is the big block on the left, with the gas meter the block on the right and the gas line is the green line. This would work if the first person I talked to was correct, but not if the second person I talk to was correct.

I’m so confused …

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