Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Shed To Be Used for the Man Cave I’m visiting a mate at the moment who wants to turn the huge shed on their property into the “Ultimate Man Cave”…

The shed is 45’ x 20’ high with  13’ ceilings (13.5 metres x 6 metres with 4 metre ceilings). In addition that that area there is also an annex at the back that is used for storage and will continue to be used as such.

Man Shed and Cave

They’ve had a good start with picking up gear for the man cave. So far they have acquired:

  • Large Rear Projection TV
  • Comfortable Couch
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Sportcraft 3-Point Throwdown Basketball Game

They’ve also got a line on a dart board and possibly a pool table. Of course I reckon no man cave is complete without proper man cave signs, which will probably need to be custom made (I reckon a man cave neon sign is a bit excessive, I prefer the wooden variety).


It’s a huge area to work with and really quite a dream space to work with. The walls are partially covered with plaster board / drywall. There is also ample power points in the shop and cable television has been run into the shop. The future man cave is within range of the wireless network from the house, although it might benefit from a wireless signal extender (like the Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender) mounted on the wall closest to the house. In one corner it looks like there has been some plumbing roughed in for a small bathroom / toilet.

Future Man Cave Interior

We’ve been inspired with man cave ideas by sites like:

But we feel like we at a bit of an impasse with what to do in setting up such a large area as the ultimate man cave. So we wanted to as you …

If this was yours, what would you do to make this space into the ultimate man cave?

4 Replies to “Creating the Ultimate Man Cave”

  1. Bill Hutchison Post author

    At the moment they are on the lookout for some carpet remnants to put down over the existing concrete floor. I’m not sure if they will get it laid properly, or if they will just lay it down. The concrete floor can be pretty cold, so carpet seems like a good option.

  2. Split System Sydney

    With one big room like that, already insulated, I’d be getting a little wall mounted split system air conditioner in there for a start.

    THEN! The fun stuff!

    Great space to set up a projector and do giant movies or Xbox games. Exposed beams make a good potential hanging space for hammocks (essential).

    If I had a space that size, I would wall off one section and hang a large bookshelf on a pivoting pole as the secret door – maybe a faux fireplace on the other side (Indiana Jones style….)

    The secret room could have a corner bar set up – be handy to have the hidden space for when the kids discover the man cave – adults just retreat to the hidden room.

    …On reflection, this is probably why I’m not allowed near the plans for our own renovations.

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