Free Coupons for your Renovation Projects

This last week I have been chatting a bit with Ethan over at One Project Closer. I’ve been following their web-site since 2008, shortly after they started the site. The site is written by two different couples who own three houses between them and are kept busy with the upkeep and renovations on those sites.

While chatting with Ethan he reminded me about a few coupon pages that they have. The pages are for Home Depot, Lowes and Sears and they are regularly updated with the most recent coupons.

There are some pretty decent coupons on there including some 10% off coupons, free shipping or delivery coupons, and many more.

My only complaint is that the coupons are only for Home Depot, Lowes and Sears in the USA. We have Home Depot and Sears in Canada, but the coupons aren’t valid here. Lowes should be coming soon to Western Canada, which is exciting, and if I’m lucky some of the coupons for Lowes will work when they open.

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