House Available for Removal in Sydney

I got this e-mail from someone in Sydney …

Allan Zhong wrote:

I have a fibrate house in Sydney that we want moved away. I’m wondering, do you want it?

I am guessing that they meant a “fibro” house for removal in Sydney.

I have no need or want for the house, but I thought that I would put it out there in case there is someone else out there who might want it. If you do then just put a comment below and I can put you in touch with Allan so that you can discuss the removal of the house.

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  1. Guy Drake

    We offer free listings on our website for houses for sale for removal anywhere in Australia. Its proving very popular, we currently have around 100 houses for removal listed and we are getting good feedback from sellers who have sold their houses and avoided costly demolition.

  2. Guy Drake

    Anna, a “fibro house” is a house clad in flat sheet material containing fibre cement product, hence the name. There were many homes built using this product during the 50’s and 60’s. Fibro was usually supplied in sheets and fixed directly to the frame of the house and the joins hidden with a cover strip. Fibro can also contain asbestos. For more information about fibro houses and other types of houses for removal , visit our website You can also get information about fibro houses and asbestos at

  3. Debra Willis

    I have a aluminium clad home three bedroom rumpus bathroom for removal and a garage would you like to pick up and take away.Beat home

  4. Teresa

    WE have a two bedroom fibro home with new kitchen and reasonable bathroom, also large living area which we are willing to give away for free.

    It is situated in Caringbah, NSW.

  5. MarcioWilges

    That’s a really nice gesture of the original poster who sent you an email! I read recently that someone offered their removal house to the less needy so that some under privileged person would have a roof over their head. You can try that too!

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