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Build a DIY Kid’s Kitchen from an Entertainment Center

April 10th, 2009 Bill Hutchison · 6 Comments

With my daughters birthday coming up I have had big plans to build her a kid’s kitchen. Unfortunately time hasn’t permitted me to do that, but in looking around I found a fantastic way to build a children’s play kitchen out of an old / unused entertainment unit …

DIY Kids Play Kitchen

They took an old entertainment unit and re-used it as a DIY Children’s Play Kitchen, which turned out really good I reckon.

At the moment I am going to start looking around for an old entertainment unit and see if I can pick one up. I think that I will start on Freecycle and then maybe look at Craig’s List and see what I can find. Someone out there is probably replacing their old tube CRT TV with a new flat panel and don’t have a use for their old entertainment unit.

Of course, that could all change if they have a young girl who loves to pretend to cook and they read this article …

You can read about how to build the kid’s kitchen here.

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What a simple idea! My daughter doesn't have a kitchen yet, but I think this would be so much fun. I would love to customize it for just her. And I'm glad I found this before the holidays because it's just in time for Christmas.. matching curtains and an apron.. how cute! -Molly Antique Jewelry


My kids would never leave the house if they had a kitchen like that. That is pretty cool. They have a smaller version of this and thats all they play with.


Thanks for this great post


Hi Bill What a great idea. Can just imagine Jessica with that kitchen. Faye.


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