New Photo of the Front of our Queenslander

Tamara took this photo of the house back in November and I’ve been meaning to post it for a while as it’s a great photo of the front of the house with all the painting done and the window hoods on.

Front of our Raised Queenslander House

I love the perspective of the house from this photo. It turned out really good and it was a nice sunny day for it, we haven’t had many sunny days since then.

We have had 40 days and 40 nights of rain in a row here and there has been a lot of flooding around the region. It’s crazy, but I’m glad that we were at least spared getting hit by Tropical Cyclone Ellie a few days ago.

There is still a risk that the cyclone could reform as the tropical low crosses back over the ocean, but it’s a low risk.

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  1. Brian Mitchell

    Hi Bill…..I take my hat off to you for tackling what I generally refer to as a never ending job. They are high maintenance because you have to paint them again and again. Queenslanders (original Queenslanders) look great. There are some I drool over…one of them is in Landsborough near the Sunny Coast. Anyway mate…job well done. The house looks good.

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