A Bigger House Means More Cleaning

I can just hear the collective groan of "Well, Duh!" after reading that title…

It’s not that we didn’t expect a bit more cleaning with a bigger house, it’s just that I don’t think we really understood how much more cleaning it would mean.

Jessica Hutchison SweepingTwo more bathrooms, four new bedrooms, a staircase, a hallway and a garage amounts to more than doubling the amount of time it takes to get the house clean.

To help ease the burden we have decided to put the kids to work. Caleb’s jobs are sweeping the garage and cleaning the front garden and driveway. Jessica’s job is usually family moral …

Our Finished Outdoor Entertainment Area

We finally finished off our back patio a few weekends ago. Since we sold the deck that we were originally going to put on the back of the house we ahead with covered patio, coming out of the back door.

Back of the House with the new Shaded Outdoor Entertainment Area

The Shade Cloth Cover of the patio works great for keeping the sun off the table and chairs for most of the day.

We ended up putting down a stone patio, rather than laying laying down patio pavers. This was a much more economical solution, and a lot easier to do as well as we got the whole patio laid in a single day.

Now that I have a nice area to sit down and cook in I am definitely out there using the barbeque more. It’s a nice place to kick back with a drink and book too when I get the chance.