Cutting Venetian Blinds to Size – Ted ‘The Blind Man’

I have a few friends who have had a go at cutting their own venetian blinds. One cut down some privacy eco blinds (white PVC blinds) and managed to do a fairly decent job at it using a jigsaw. Another friend tried cutting back some timber venetian blinds down and ended up hacking up the ends of them pretty good.

I kind of decided early on that for me cutting venetian blinds down to size was not a DIY job, so we have paid people to cut ours down when needed.

As we have fitted out under the house with white PVC eco-blinds we had to cut one of them down to size. The glass louvers in one of the bedrooms was 56cm, instead of the standard 60cm in width, so we had to get 4cm cut off. Thankfully all the other windows were a standard 90cm wide, so we could purchase those right off the shelf, which was nice …

It cost us $15.00 to get the blind width cut down to the right size. For another $5.00 they could have set the height for it as well, but that is a pretty easy job, so I did that one myself.

To get our venetian blind cut down to size here in Townsville, Queensland we went with Ted the Blind Man. He did a good job and had it back to us on the same day.

Below are the details for Ted "The Blind Man":

Ted ‘The Blind Man’
129 Bergin Rd, Cranbrook, Townsville
Queensland, 4814

Telephone: (07) 4773 4573
Mobile: 0410 642 563

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