Where Are All The Renovation TV Shows?

Since the shine came out of the housing market here in Australia it seems that it has also come out of the home improvement, DIY, renovation and Real Estate television shows.

Home Improvement television shows used to dominate prime time television here in Australia. I am watching a home improvement show right now, but it is a repeat, and right now it is 11.55 at night, not exactly prime time.

Lots of people are saying that with the current housing market there will be more people renovating, not less. People will want to look at improving where they live now, rather than upgrading to a new home. I guess that some of the glamour has come out of it however, since people will now most likely be making their renovation choices based on lifestyle, rather than ROI (return on investment).

The new "flavour" on television now in Australia seems to be cooking shows. What is it like in your part of the world? Are there fewer Home Improvement shows on television where you are? What has taken there place where you live? Let us know in the comments below …

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  1. Kirk

    Hey Bill,

    I spent 6 months in Brisbane back in early 06. I was in Uni at the time but was dying to purchase some real estate. Brisbane was booming. I was on a limited cable budget so I don’t remember too much on the telly.

    I am living in Chicago stateside now, and again no TV (living on a budget), but I do know for a fact that DIY, Home Improvement shows are not on as often as a few years ago. Even with the Advent of DIY Network and a few others… the overall count seems to be down here as well.

    Cheers from the other side of the world!

  2. Daniel Cameron

    How’s the second reno going. great blog you have got here!

    I’ve only seen some late at night as well. But don’t worry I think we investors can make our own. YouTube is building up popularity and more and more vidoes coming to the surface. Why don’t ppl get there camera’s out more. they are much better value then the hyped up dramatized T.V mock ups.

    I’ve collected 400 videos plus here but down to earth videos are hard to find with people doing renovations and explaining the numbers, jobs done, story behind the house etc.

    See you there. I might put a link back to your site as well. Because a whole list of peoples blogs like this would be a good page.

    Also on a tech note if you search the new and improved WordPress Plugins you will see an easy one to install called LuvComment it allows users to post a link in your comments when posting comments powered be Ajax. It make people more inclined to comment on your blog.


  3. Melissa Hardcastle

    I couldn’t agree more, my favourite shows are home reno shows and there are none on Australian TV. I am fortunate enought to have Foxtel and all I watch on that is reno shows but they are all from the UK. What has happened to our home grown shows. I would desperately love to see another season of “The Block”, loved it.

  4. simone

    I miss home reno shows on Australian TV. I am sick of re-runs and international tv shows. c’mon australia!

  5. Angel

    I’m totally addicted to the Block at moment!!!

    I know the renovators are starting soon. But I was told the other day that there was a third one starting or just started and I can’t remember what it was called. Does anyone know? It’s either on channel 7 or 9.

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