Merry Christmas from "A Scorching Summer Day"

Enjoy these videos of us singing some Australian Christmas Carols. You’ll recognize the tune, but probably not the words from this slightly modified Aussie version …

Jingle Bells – The Australian Version

The 12-Days of Christmas – The Australian Version

I hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas. Thank you for reading this site about our home renovations.

Cutting Venetian Blinds to Size – Ted ‘The Blind Man’

I have a few friends who have had a go at cutting their own venetian blinds. One cut down some privacy eco blinds (white PVC blinds) and managed to do a fairly decent job at it using a jigsaw. Another friend tried cutting back some timber venetian blinds down and ended up hacking up the ends of them pretty good.

I kind of decided early on that for me cutting venetian blinds down to size was not a DIY job, so we have paid people to cut ours down when needed.

As we have fitted out under the house with white PVC eco-blinds we had to cut one of them down to size. The glass louvers in one of the bedrooms was 56cm, instead of the standard 60cm in width, so we had to get 4cm cut off. Thankfully all the other windows were a standard 90cm wide, so we could purchase those right off the shelf, which was nice …

It cost us $15.00 to get the blind width cut down to the right size. For another $5.00 they could have set the height for it as well, but that is a pretty easy job, so I did that one myself.

To get our venetian blind cut down to size here in Townsville, Queensland we went with Ted the Blind Man. He did a good job and had it back to us on the same day.

Below are the details for Ted "The Blind Man":

Ted ‘The Blind Man’
129 Bergin Rd, Cranbrook, Townsville
Queensland, 4814

Telephone: (07) 4773 4573
Mobile: 0410 642 563

Where Are All The Renovation TV Shows?

Since the shine came out of the housing market here in Australia it seems that it has also come out of the home improvement, DIY, renovation and Real Estate television shows.

Home Improvement television shows used to dominate prime time television here in Australia. I am watching a home improvement show right now, but it is a repeat, and right now it is 11.55 at night, not exactly prime time.

Lots of people are saying that with the current housing market there will be more people renovating, not less. People will want to look at improving where they live now, rather than upgrading to a new home. I guess that some of the glamour has come out of it however, since people will now most likely be making their renovation choices based on lifestyle, rather than ROI (return on investment).

The new "flavour" on television now in Australia seems to be cooking shows. What is it like in your part of the world? Are there fewer Home Improvement shows on television where you are? What has taken there place where you live? Let us know in the comments below …

Photo of My Thong Tan

Most of my outdoor work here in Townsville is done while wearing thongs. I lost one thong when I sunk into my backyard after some very heavy rain we had last year, but other than that they have worked out pretty well. They might not offer as much support as I would always like, but they are usually supportive enough, although I don’t usually wear them if I need to be working up a ladder.

I guess that the thong doesn’t provide very good sun protection either, as I have a pretty noticeable thong tan right now. Maybe I should be using more sunscreen …

My Thong TanAs you can see, the tan on my foot is pretty prominent. Last time I had a tan like this it took a few months for it to fade, but that didn’t happen until winter when I started to wear covered shoes again. Right now it’s just too hot for that most days …

Also, in case you didn’t already know, here in Australia a “Thong” is the same thing as a North American “Flip Flop”…