Replacing our "Door to No Where"

Removing our Door to No Where

Since we had the back stairs removed from the house we have had a "door to no where". It has looked pretty funny to tell you the truth (as you can see on the left).

The door has been screwed into the frame so that no one could open it, but it has still looked a bit dubious, especially from the back yard.

We are replacing the back door with some floor to ceiling louvers. Louvers should give us a good airflow through the house and help to cool it down, especially with summer coming.Our New Back Louvers

We had considered getting timber louvers, same as the window next to it. After thinking about it we decided to go with tinted louvers. That would allow some more light to come into the stairwell, which is just next to the new louvers.

The screen behind the louvers is a security screen. We didn’t actually specify a security screen behind the louvers, but I was very relieved when I saw them put it in, especially after seeing the kids playing around the louvers. Jessica seems to like to throw her stuffed tiger on the louvers for a view of the back yard.

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