We Are (Finally) Moved Downstairs!

After a lot of time, painting and hard work we are finally moved downstairs!

The final stage for this you would have though would have been finishing the internal staircase, but we still had a lot of painting and preparation to do before we could finally move down into the four new bedrooms, including painting the new staircase.

The kids are now moved into their bedrooms and we are moved into our master "retreat", as Tamara calls it. The new master bedroom feels huge, and it is so nice to finally have a wardrobe / closet, as well as the ensuite.

I’ll post some photos soon of the kids bedrooms, our master bedroom and the ensuite…

3 Replies to “We Are (Finally) Moved Downstairs!”

  1. Cheryl

    Since, you’ve finished yours wanna come and do mine. It’s still a work in progress four years later!

  2. MarcioWilges

    Isn’t it just so lovely when all the works for your home are finished and you can finish off the last bits of your move! Moving and removals is also never easier when there’s less debris around too, so congratulations on getting your new bedrooms finished!

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