Preparing the Site for a Driveway

Before they could start putting in our new driveway they had to prepare the site.

Cutting Through the Contrete on the Old Driveway The first step for this was to cut away the old driveway and remove it. Because of the height difference between the old driveway and the garage they only cut away the first half of the drive.

As you can see in the photo on the left they made followed a very systematic approach to cutting up the old concrete. They made pretty quick work of it too using the concrete saw.

Removing the Old Driveway with a BobcatIt became clear why they were so precise with the cutting up of the driveway when the bobcat arrived the next day. It probably only took the bobcat about 15-minutes to remove the concrete driveway pieced and drop them into the skip that was delivered.

They then used the bobcat to flatten the area down a bit before dumping a few cubic metres of gravel roadbase / crackadust down and levelling it off. This will provide the base that the concrete will be poured onto when that gets delivered tomorrow.

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