Our Finished Open Tread Staircase

Our Open Staircase with Metal Frame and Timber TreadsI had a comment from a friend that in the last photo that I took of the staircase you couldn’t actually tell that it was an open tread design for the stairs. They were a bit surprised about what it looked like when they saw it in person.

So here is a photo I just took of the staircase from below. You can much more easily see how the open tread design looks.

The area under the stairs will make for some great storage, but because of the open treads we will have to make sure to keep them nice and tidy.

One thing about the rich colour of the stairs is that they make for some great photo opportunities with the kids …

Kids on the Stairs

2 Replies to “Our Finished Open Tread Staircase”

  1. melbrandle

    Under the stairs make great storage indeed. In fact, I have converted mine into a small room that is good enough to house 2 persons if ever anyone is desperate enough for a home. For now, it accommodates my long term food storage pretty well with stainless steel racks built nicely inside to store the items neatly. The atmosphere in it is also just nice and not too humid or too warm for food storage.

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