How Much Does a Driveway Cost

We are getting a new aggregate driveway put in when we replace our existing driveway. As we looked at what to do with our driveway, how much of it to replace and what sort of driveway we were going to get put in cost obviously played a part in making our decision.

To get our new aggregated driveway installed over our existing driveway, including removing portions of our existing driveway and preparing the site, will cost about $85.00 per square metre.

My wife was always been a big fan of the aggregated driveway, and the cost difference between it and a regular driveway is negligible. Here in Townsville it seems to be the most popular type of driveway to put in with new homes being built in the older areas, or in the new areas.

I have heard aggregated driveways also called "pebblecrete", because it looks like pebbles on top of concrete.

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