Removing our old Staircase

Back Stairs Cut Off and RemovedSince the new internal stairs are finally almost ready for us to use we have removed our old rear external staircase.

The old rear staircase actually consisted of half of the old (per-house lift) front stairs welded to the original rear stairs. The railing was a single 2 x 4 attached to the house at the top and two posts screwed to the sides of the stairs. They were put on as a temporary staircase two and a half years ago, and I guess have held up pretty well.

With the rear external staircase finally removed I can now look at building a patio and erecting a patio cover. The old staircase sat right in the middle of where those things should fit in.

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  2. MarcioWilges

    After the removals of the staircase, what do you do to get rid of the whole thing? DO you get removalists to come in and help you clear it? Otherwise, I think breaking the staircase down and reusing the wood may be a good idea too! And sentimental at that!

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