Sustainable House Day in Australia

This Sunday is Sustainable House Day here in Australia and over the Tasman in New Zealand.

Sustainable House Day is a day when all around the country people living in sustainable housing will open their doors for people to visit their homes.

There will be people available to answer questions about what they did to make their homes sustainable, and what you might be able to do to make your own house more sustainable.

There seems to be a real cross-section of homes and people participating in Sustainable House Day. Here in Townsville there are two homes that are participating:

  • A retrofitted house built around 1970 that has has modifications done to make it a more sustainable home
  • A purpose built house built in 2001

Each of these homes offer two very different avenues to pursue when making your house more sustainable.

Sustainable House Day focuses a lot of attention on solar issues. This includes the passive solar design of the house (shade, eves, insulation, etc.) as well as the active uses of solar, including solar hot water and solar electricity.

The event is put on by ANZSES, the Australia New Zealand Solar Energy Society, hence the focus on solar issues.

You can find out more about Sustainable House Day here, and you can see if there are any houses available for viewing in your area here.

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