Spring Cleaning for Normal People – eBook

If I didn’t know better I reckon that this would be a book written by wife …

spring cleaningI’ve been following the simplemom blog for a few months now. It has been a great source of information and tips and I have been forwarding some of the articles to my wife.

There have been quite a few good articles lately about keeping your house clutter free (which is something my wife strives for, and I struggle with). SimpleMom has put together an ebook with these good ideas for spring cleaning, plus more in it and is selling the book online for only $7.

The book consists of two different sections:

  • An essay about "stuff" and our consumer culture
  • A 10-part guide to spring cleaning, including
    • room by room checklists
    • inventory templates for printing
    • Daily game plans
    • Natural household cleaner recipes
    • and more

It’s a 68-page book and complements some of the other free charts and checklist are are downloadable for free from Simple Mom.

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