Bedrooms are FINALLY Painted

I have finally finished painting the bedrooms. I am very frustrated at myself for taking as long as I have, but at least I am finally done painting the bedrooms.

Originally we were going to paint everything in the colour “white shadow”, which you can see on the walls above. That would have included the door frames and the window frames, basically all the trim painted in the same colour as the walls.

Bedroom Painted White Shadow with Gloss White Trim

After we put the colour on the walls, with the white base coat on the trim, we decided to paint an acrylic gloss white for all the trim and the doors, with white shadow on the walls. We are quite happy with the results in the bedrooms.

Closet Door Painted in White Shadow with Gloss White Trim We did all the main bedroom doors in the same gloss white as the frames above. With the closet doors to the two built in robes we painted the trim the gloss white, but then painted the doors a semi-gloss white shadow (as on the left). I reckon that it looks pretty good as well, and should look great over the carpet once that is installed and the hardware is then put on the doors.

I’m still working on painting the hallway. We are going with the same style as the bedrooms, with the white trim and “white shadow” walls. Unfortunately I had some trouble with my final coat of paint on the cornices on the ceiling. The paint must of been off because my “flat” white ceiling paint when on glossy in places. I tried to cover it with some new flat white ceiling paint, but the gloss continued to shine through.

I have now had to reseal the cornice and have just tonight finished my second coat of Taubmans One Coat Ceiling paint. I am not sure if it has worked yet though, as the tint of white seems darker than the rest of the ceiling paint. I really hope that it’s because it’s wet, otherwise I have no idea what I am going to do about it. There is already 8 – coats on paint on the cornice now

4 Replies to “Bedrooms are FINALLY Painted”

  1. Bill Hutchison Post author

    I did try one of those edging tools once and it turned out horrible. I just couldn’t get the hang of how much paint to put on it, so I ended up with a bead of paint coming off one side of the tool.

    After that I never tried it again.

  2. JamesSimon1

    How has your experience working with cornice been? I’ve personally had some trouble with it myself. I concede that I’ve never been particularly skilled working with my hands, but the cornice in particular gave me a great deal of trouble. I had to buy a few extra slabs of material in order to make it work thanks to my clumsiness. I think I’d be better off asking for some professional guidance next time.

  3. Pete

    I have found those paint edging pads (the ones with wheels) are so much quicker for cutting in than a paint brush. I love them but I know people who don’t like them. Personal preference but certainly give them a try.

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