My Friend Ryan Annoys Me

I had my friend Ryan Booker over this weekend to help me with some of the painting under the house. I was extremely grateful for Ryan’s help this weekend, but like I said, my friend Ryan really annoys me.

I’ve known Ryan for about 9-years now and he is a pretty good friend. He is leading our current YWAM DTS at Reef to Outback and is newly married. But sometimes I get really frustrated being around him.

This weekend when he came over to help was one of these times that I got annoyed. You see, Ryan is a sign writer by trade and is very good at painting. So what really annoyed me this weekend was that in the time it took me to almost complete a coat of paint on the trim of one bedroom, Ryan completed three coats of paint on another virtually identical bedroom.

So I’m guess I am not actually annoyed at Ryan. I am actually more annoyed at myself…

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