Some Mornings I Wish My House had a Heater

Living in the tropics I never expected to want a heater in the house, but these last few morning have been cold, about 10C – 12C (50F – 54F), when I have to get out of bed. It can be a bit chilly, especially on the feet on the hardwood floor.

We have a single oil heater that we will be setting up in the bedroom of our 2-year old, but nothing for the rest of us. Our Blueway Airconditioner is reverse cycle, and is supposed to have a heater, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

The winter in Townsville only really lasts for a month or so, so I really can’t justify purchasing heaters for the other rooms of the house. I actually really like sleeping under the covers when it is this cold, but it’s not very pleasant getting out of bed in the morning or out of the shower late at night.

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