Easy Garage Storage Shelf Solution Finished

I put up my cheap and easy garage storage shelf a few weeks ago, with plans to finish the shelf off with a bit of timber along the front and side of the shelf. Here is a photo of the finished project …

Easy and Cheap Garage Storage Shelf Solution

As you can see, I added the timber trim around the outside of the garage shelf and painted the timber that I used to join the two shelves together. My original plan was to paint the timber trim white, but I like the raw timber look, so I reckon that I will leave it at that.

All up the project for a 3.6m long garage storage shelf cost me around $120.00, which is a lot cheaper then any of the ready made solutions I could find at Bunnings or Mitre 10.

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  1. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Would you be able to explain to me how wall stripping and brackets would be a stronger long term solution for our garage storage shelving needs?

    I am just a bit confused how they would be any stronger than what I put together here. I understand they would be more versatile and flexible in being able to move around and add shelves, but how would wall stripping and brackets be any stronger?

  2. Jake Heels

    Sounds like Mr. Shelving is trying to sell you his product. That idea would only be better if it had stripping at each stud. But, you could do that too with more brackets.

    I like your idea with the molding along the edge. I will be adding this to mine for sure, thanks for the idea!!! My shelves are overdone with brackets at each stud but I have some heavy items. I used the cheaper “non twisty-fancy” heavy duty brackets because I’m cheap 🙂 Looks great!!!

  3. Bill Hutchison Post author

    That’s kind of what I figured Jake after he never responded to my comment, or to an e-mail that I sent him.

    If I wanted to make it a stronger shelf I could add four more brackets for strength. Right now though I don’t really notice much flex or bend in the shelf, and it seems to be holding up well.

    The timber molding it nice because it is a lot stronger than the melamine. The melamine edge can chip quite easily when moving heavy items on and off it. The timber molding is a lot more forgiving.

  4. EdwardThirlwall

    I truly love maximising ceiling and wall space for storage. It just seems to be some place that people always overlook when trying to come up with more storage room for their things!

  5. melbrandle

    It’s really important to make sure that you’re doing the installation properly in your home when it comes to suspended storage though. I miscalculated some of the weight loads the last time around and it was a lucky thing that my storage shelves didn’t come crashing down when I accidentally overloaded it. That being said, more supports always!

  6. melbrandle

    The storage shelf supports are quite nice and it’s literally a nice twist on things, haha! But in any case, it’s a very easy solution to not having enough space, I myself love making use of all the near-ceiling spots for putting things away to. Maybe what you can do the next time around is go one step further and make cupboards instead!

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