Install a New Kitchen Double Sink

Quite a while ago now we installed a new double sink in our kitchen to replace our existing single sink. Our first flat had a double kitchen sink and it certainly made cleaning up easy to handle.

The first thing that we had to do to pick our new double kitchen sink was to measure the exterior dimensions of the old sink. The new double sink had to be the same size, or bigger, than the old sink, otherwise we would have to look at replacing the countertop, which we would rather avoid.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Because our single sink had drains on either side of it we had to get a double sink with drains on both side. It was wider than our single sink, so we had to cut out some of the bench top to make it fit, which was a lot harder than we expected since the bench top ended up being made of synthetic stone, rather than the laminate that I thought it was.

After grinding away at the counter top and making a heck of a mess we finally got the new kitchen sink in. One thing that I hadn’t planned very well for was the drains. We almost had to remove the shelf on the left side of the cupboard under the sink, but after getting the plumbing set-up just right we managed to get around that problem. It’s pretty tight under there, but it’s not too bad.

Double Bowl Sink

Ideally I would have liked a double sink with a drain only on one side, but this worked out pretty well for us.

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  2. Tamara

    You couldn’t have taken the photo after the dishes were done honey? Now people will think we have young kids or something and never have time to do the washing up. Oh wait…we do have young kids, right? Can’t wait to see the “dishwasher” before and after shots. Ha, ha!! That will be with our boy standing on the chair to wash them I know. 🙂

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