Taking a Week Off Work to Paint

I am taking this week off to paint under the house. The plastering is complete, so now it’s up to me to paint before the tiling in finished and the carpets are put in.

There are four bedrooms, a hallway, an ensuite and a toilet to prepare and paint in a week. In the middle of day two I have dusted off most of the walls and done all the caulking (no-more-gap) and puttying. Tamara’s Dad is helping again as right now he is sanding down the putty.

Tonight (second shift / day 2) I should be able to start sealing the plasterboard with the white primer.

I’ll try to give an update later in the week with how it’s going. I’ve got a bunch of mates coming hopefully on Friday to help, so that will help to get it done by the end of this weekend.

By the end of the weekend I will definitely need a bit of a break.

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