Magnetic Insect Screens in Townsville

This week we replaced our Amplimesh Security Screen with a Magnetic Insect Screen. Here are some photos of the window. The first photo is with the Amplimesh Security Screen, and the second photo is our new MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screen.

Amplimesh Steel Mesh Security Screen

MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screen

The magnetic fly screen has made a huge difference in the dining room with greatly improved appearance, more natural light and increased air flow. Although it is not as secure as the previous security screen, it would take a very determined person to get 4 metres up the exterior wall to get into the house.

We had a fantastic experience in getting the Magnetic Insect Screens. From our first phone call to installation was less than a week! The company that did it was Freedom Retractable Screens. It’s run by a gentleman named Kevin who, with a partner in Cairns, covers North Queensland for retractable screens and magnetic insect screens.

The Magnetic Insect Screen cost us about $300 for three windows, which we felt was quite reasonable. For the three windows that we had the magnetic screen installed we paid the same as we did for one window with the Amplimesh Security Screen.

Here are the contact details for Freedom Retractable Screens:

Freedom Retractable Screens

Phone: 07 4775 4000
Mobile: 0438 136 945

You can read a bit about the MagicSeal magnetic insect screens on the Freedom Retractable Screen web-site here, and if you want more information then you can read about them at the MagicSeal website.

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  1. Fred@OPC

    That is fantastic. I’m really surprised at the difference. I saw this on an HGTV show once but had never seen the side-by-side comparison.

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